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I've posted some pictures of my kitty on facebook. I have no idea how to post images on LJ, so you'll have to bear with me. In the meantime, swing over there and check 'em out. Prepare to be dazzled by cute.

With the release of the last Harry Potter book, I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. I've been meaning to read the books for a while, but just never got around to it. Well, to make a long story short, I read all seven in about a week. They're a very quick read. Tom was right when he described them as "good books for pooping" - ie they're easily digestible and can be plowed through whilst sitting on the can. This was not my method of choice, but what's done is done and I have to say I enjoyed them all quite thoroughly. I'm not gonna be devolving into some sort of rabid fanboy, but I have no regrets nonetheless.

I was going to see TV On the Radio play a free show at McCarren Pool in Williamsburg Sunday afternoon after work...until it started raining. Heavily. And an outdoor show in a swimming pool is not where you want to be during a thunderstorm. Alas and alack, no TV and no Radio makes Adam sad.
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