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Another weekly bout of insomnia. ho-hum.

The other day one of my co-workers who is an equally serious Steely Dan-oholic tipped me off to some more of YouTube's pure gold - a documentary about the recording of their landmark album 'Aja' split into 6-10 minute segments detailing the recording process for each of the seven songs. For a fan of the Dan or just a fan of studio craftsmanship, they cannot be missed. Among other things, you get to see the Hitmaker, Bernard "Pretty" Purdie at work rocking one of the three or four best Cosby sweaters I have ever seen while demonstrating the difference between his shuffle beat and everyone else's shuffle beat, Rick Marotta (the drummer on "Peg") looking like Rasputin in 1976, hearing a couple of the myriad of rejected guitar solos for the same song (at one point Donald Fagen switches one off after a few bars, saying "well, that really just speaks for itself, doesn't it?") and Denny Dias talking about how the guitar part for "Aja" is literally impossible to play on a guitar. For a geek like me, this was all like a large pile of Reese's peanut butter cups. I spent the better part of an hour plowing through them, then got baked and listened to the album again while espousing its virtues to a slightly bewildered Jon Pomeroy.

I had an idea for a comic book with one of my co-workers about a vampire grizzly bear named Count Chomps. It is currently a work in progress but I am certain that it will be twelve shades of awesome. Maybe even thirteen shades of awesome. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Either way, it's either remarkably brilliant or remarkably stupid. Like the Public Enemy comic book that's currently out. Anything that involves Flavor Flav kicking a SWAT Team member in the head and shouting "Don't believe the hype!" has me hooked.

Well it only took more than six months since I moved up here but I'm spending more time hanging out with my co-workers outside of work. Say what you will about the store itself, but it least there are some interesting and agreeable people that work there. Playing Risk, getting Korean food, comic book shopping, entertaining my kitty, tossing around a baseball, getting blunted on my rooftop, etc. It usually takes me a while to open up to people, and it probably takes others longer to get used to my eccentricities (although some would say just overall straight up crazy) so it's not like I'm surprised. I can be a bit much at times, I'll admit that much. With all that said, I feel like I'm carving out more of a niche and giving myself more opportunities to spend time in and around this crazy city with equally crazy cats. And that's a good thing.
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